Wall plaque "Chinoiseries", Chinoiseries after Höroldt, 43 x 30 cm

Wall plaque "Chinoiseries", Chinoiseries after Höroldt, 43 x 30 cm

Johann Gregorius Höroldt (1696–1775) was for 45 years a tireless painter and researcher at the MEISSEN Manufactory and bequeathed the “white gold” a unique palette of colours. It is also him we have to thank for the legendary chinoiseries for which Meissen is famous. These drawings depict scenes from everyday Chinese life. Such representations are particularly significant owing to their having been produced from the 18th century perspective of a Central European who had never actually been to the “Middle Kingdom”. A large number of graphic works were logged in the “Schulz Code”, one of the most comprehensive collections of historical source material. It is still used by painters at the MEISSEN Manufactory for magnificent compositions such as this wall painting containing chinoiseries in the Höroldt style.
SKU: 289784-9M231-1
Weight: 3500 g
Limited to 25 pieces.

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