Wall plaque "Dance of the Veil", 53 x 36 cm

Wall plaque "Dance of the Veil", 53 x 36 cm

India – a vast and staggering potpourri of people, colours, smells and noises. A country of myths, narratives and superlatives: the heights of the Himalayan Mountains, the depths of the Indian Ocean, the barren desert of Rajasthan, the fertile planes in Kerala. In between, fields of brightly hued flowers, holy cows, cars and mopeds clogging the streets of Mumbai. Only China has a larger population than India. For many India is a place of both longing and dread.

“Dance of the Veil” is one of the many pictures with the aid of which the artist digested the impressions and experiences he gained, as well as the hazards he encountered, on a study trip to India. He observed women washing clothes in the Ganges, India’s longest river, and admired female dancers in Hindu temples. It was one of these graceful beauties who inspired him to produce his “Dance of the Veil”. Enshrouded in bright silk and with a crown adorning her long hair, she truly lifts her veil for the painter in this picture. 

SKU: 935219-9M234-1
Weight: 5800 g
Limited to 25 pieces.

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