Wall plaque depicting "Fibonacci - the perfect rectangle", 93 x 58 cm

Wall plaque depicting "Fibonacci - the perfect rectangle", 93 x 58 cm

Fibonacci numbers are a constant and ubiquitous part of our lives. Their mathematical formula serves to explain phenomena such as processes of growth in Nature, development trends for stocks and shares or perfect proportions in art and architecture. They are named after the Italian mathematician Leonardo da Pisa - a.k.a. Filius Bonacci or, in abbreviated form, Fibonacci. He first elucidated the sequence of numbers, which the ancient world had already been aware of, in a sum book produced in 1202.
There is something mysterious or even mystical about his mind-bogglingly simple formula, in which each new number is the sum of its two predecessors. It defines the structuring of a sunflower just as it does that of a fern or snail shell. A given cross-section yields the "golden rectangle", whose two longer sides are twice the length of its other two - a principle that also finds expression in the Parthenon, Corbusier's buildings, Venus de Milo and da Vinci's Mona Lisa.
The work of porcelain artist Jörg Danielczyk (*1952), Artistic Head of the Design Department and Modeller-in-Chief at MEISSEN®, invariably revolves around perfect proportions and he has now visualised the Fibonacci formula in porcelain. His three panels exactly correspond to the variables defined. Forming the kernel is a small square painted red: one half of the first rectangle. The golden arcs and lines painted by hand likewise accord with the mathematically computed principle of perfect harmony. Each field in high-carat gold is tooled in with an agate stylus following firing. Drawn out by hand line by line, this sumptuous masterpiece immortalises the Fibonacci formula - which may well constitute the code of creation - in porcelain.

SKU: 930184-9M784-1
Weight: 20000 g
Limited to 10 pieces.

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