Wall plaque "Hydrangeas", 43 x 55 cm

Wall plaque "Hydrangeas", 43 x 55 cm

This flowering panel see the Manufactory re-embrace the "European Flower Painting" style it evolved in the 1730s in a move away from the "Indian" patterns based on oriental models it had initially adopted. The hydrangeas evoke the Japanese island of Deshima near Nagasaki. It was from here that Japanese porcelains were once shipped to Europe by the Dutch East Indies Trading Company. This was also where the doctor Carl Peter Thunberg worked (from 1775 onwards). He was a student of the naturalist Carl von Linné and soon discovered the white blooms to become the first person to exactly describe five species of hydrangea. This was sensational given that the Japanese ruler Hideyoshi had strictly forbidden their dissemination in 1587. The once exotic plant is now widespread in our own climes. This painting is a complex mix of underglaze and overglaze decoration, with the petals extending beyond their frames. In adopting such a modern, lifelike style, the Manufactory is actually continuing a tradition of flower painting it has practised for over 280 years and whose floral motifs still delight and captivate lovers of MEISSEN® porcelain today.

SKU: 932284-9M550-1
Weight: 78000 g
Limited to 50 pieces.

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