Wall plaque "Lady with hat", 75 x 54 cm

Wall plaque "Lady with hat", 75 x 54 cm

Viewed dispassionately, a hat can primarily be said to serve as a means of protection against the cold, the wet or the sun. From an aesthetic point of view, by contrast, it is one of the most timeless accessories in the history of fashion. Coming in all shapes and sizes and adorned with either feathers or flowers or nothing at all, it is an item of clothing that has formed an essential part of any woman’s outdoor wear for centuries. And still today it continues to endow its wearer with a certain elegance and grace, though usually only at particularly prestigious events such as royal weddings or the famous Ascot races.

A lady wearing a hat and veil is also a truly uplifting sight for any artist. The whimsical “Lady with hat” is a case in point. Instead of rigidly observing courtly etiquette, however, our behatted lady in cheery greenish-blue is full of the joys of life. She almost seems to be dancing. A far cry from Ascot then.

SKU: 935218-9M221-1
Weight: 12200 g
Limited to 10 pieces.

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