Wall plaque "Play of the wind", 53 x 36 cm

Wall plaque "Play of the wind", 53 x 36 cm

It flutters and shimmies, bobs and weaves, dips and imbibes. Its wings are delicate and filigree, graced by patterns only Mother Nature could concoct: fiery red, blood orange, jet black. Is it a Small Copper, a Peacock or a Poplar Admiral? Large meadows, shady shrubs and nectar-filled flower-heads are its favoured pastures. Attracted by the flowers’ heady fragrance, it unerringly finds its way to their sweet, nutritious nectar, tarrying briefly until the next gust of wind carries it away. A bite on the wing as it were.

Veritably a sight of summer: no sooner has the spring sun sent out its first warming rays than our lush meadows, shady woodland walks and domestic gardens begin teeming with butterflies and moths. Fine specimens were espied in the most diverse of hues and guises at a convivial gathering over a glass of wine on Prof. Werner’s garden-studio terrace one summer’s evening. Upon being asked why he painted naturalist themes so infrequently, the artist promptly picked up his drawing implements and produced sketches of a few of these natural beauties.

SKU: 936059-9M234-1
Weight: 5800 g
Limited to 25 pieces.

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