Wall plaque "Resting Venus", 36 x 53 cm

Wall plaque "Resting Venus", 36 x 53 cm

Venus, the Roman goddess of love, longing and beauty, is still the embodiment of female eroticism today. Key Renaissance artists drew inspiration from her, immortalising her virtually naked and at the very centre of their paintings – a mould-breaking approach at the time. Botticelli, for instance, painted her standing up in “The Birth of Venus” (c. 1485/86), whilst Titian’s “Venus of Urbino” (1538) depicts her in lasciviously supine pose - both works are jealously guarded treasures at the famous Uffizi in Florence.

“Sleeping Venus” (c. 1508) by Titian’s teacher Giorgione, now held in the Old Masters Gallery at Dresden, also inspired a work created by Prof. Werner. It was a sensation rather than a specific model that gave rise to the picture. Unlike the rendition by his magisterial Italian forbear, however, Werner’s Venus is of oriental disposition, her smile challenging, eyes open and head fancifully adorned – seductiveness can take many forms.

SKU: 935221-9M233-1
Weight: 5300 g
Limited to 25 pieces.

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