Wall plaque "Reverie", 75 x 54 cm

Wall plaque "Reverie", 75 x 54 cm

The idea for this picture came from thinking about the cherry blossom period in Japan. The blossoming of the cherry tree, either in pink or white, is a highlight in the Japanese calendar and marks the beginning of spring. During the “hanami“, the millennial tradition of “blossom viewing”, the Japanese celebrate the beauty of the blossoming cherry tree. Cherry blossom is one of the key symbols in Japanese culture, standing for beauty, awakening and transience. The Japanese cherry tree bears no fruit and can in a sense, therefore, be said to live solely for its brief period of coming into bloom. Its accomplished beauty is a thing of the past again within a few days.

The motif of this young woman “blossoming” in her own particular way is typical of porcelain painting. The artist dreams of the Japanese cherry blossom through his picture whilst simultaneously lending expression to the long and binding tradition between two countries. Whereas European porcelain was first produced in Meissen in 1710, Japanese porcelain originated in the town of Arita in the early 17th century. A major porcelain festival is still held there to honour this tradition today. The two municipalities have been twinned since 1979, furthermore, indicating that their bonds of friendship do not stop at their shared love for the “white gold”.

SKU: 935216-9M221-1
Weight: 12200 g
Limited to 10 pieces.

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