Wall plaque "Snapshot", 75 x 44 cm

Wall plaque "Snapshot", 75 x 44 cm

Sultry samba and salsa rhythms, scantily clad female dancers in brightly hued costumes adorned with strass, coloured stones and feathers, lavishly decorated floats wherever you look - each year the “Carnaval de Santa Cruz de Tenerife” turns the Mediterranean island of Tenerife into a sea of colour, noise and carefree dancing for a day or two. It is the second-largest carnival in the world after Rio de Janeiro. Hundreds of thousands eagerly cheer the “Reina del Carnaval“ - the Queen of the Carnival - and the “Murgas”, “Comparsas” and “Rondallas” - the countless musical and dance groups - along the major official procession. Away from the main event, however, the locals hold their own street carnivals in the narrow, extravagantly festooned alleys of the surrounding towns and villages until the early hours. Prof. Werner also experienced the carnival whilst spending a few weeks on this dream Canary Island. One of the many unknown, seductively attired island beauties suddenly emerged from the general melee and flitted past him. The artist proceeded to capture her natural allure and youthful movements in his “Snapshot”.

SKU: 935210-9M240-1
Weight: 10400 g
Limited to 10 pieces.

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