Wall plaque: "Still life with cherries", 25 x 25 cm

Wall plaque: "Still life with cherries", 25 x 25 cm

The way this still life draws our attention towards cherries that look tasty enough to bite into is akin to photorealism. The play of light and shade causes the fruit to look particularly natural and three-dimensional. MEISSEN® artist Sarah
Helm uses a special inglaze paint for her rendition that is applied to the porcelain and fired separately. This is what gives the cherries their intense red colour. Only then are overglaze colours painted on in several layers. Adopting such a
sophisticated style of painting enables Sarah Helm to lend the motif from a historical oil painting by the German artist Clara von Sivers (1854-1924) impressive depth on porcelain. The flower-head and fruit look real enough to take hold of
- great art in a small format.
SKU: 932A74-9M502-1
Weight: 1000 g
Limited to 25 pieces.

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