Wall plaque "Twosomeness", 43 x 30 cm

Wall plaque "Twosomeness", 43 x 30 cm

The mild air is full of the sound of voices and exuberant laughter, full of the sound of children playing, girls chattering, students reading, of cyclists, strollers and leisure-seekers. Spring has arrived on “Margitsziget”, the leafy island of St Margaret in the centre of Budapest. Besotted lovers cuddle and embrace in the privacy of the trees, people for whom a moment together takes on the status of eternity.

The Island of St Margaret is a recreation site beloved of tourists and the locals of Budapest alike on account of its extensive greenery. All vehicles except taxis, buses and bikes are banned here. Prof. Werner was immediately captivated by the atmosphere of this magic place when he went for a walk through the island park. The upshot was “Twosomeness”, the painter’s tribute to the spring and to magical moments between lovers.

SKU: 935220-9M231-1
Weight: 3500 g
Limited to 25 pieces.

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