Wall plaque "Venetian Carnival", 75 x 54 cm

Wall plaque "Venetian Carnival", 75 x 54 cm

People throng through the narrow alleys, board gondolas, cross bridges and squares, go up and down steps – leading, for instance, to and from the narrow “Ponte dei Sospiri”, the Bridge of Sighs near the Doge’s Palace, or the famous “Ponte di Rialto” over the Grand Canal, the oldest bridge in Venice. Their long garments billow in the icy February wind, their hats weighed down with decoration. Strange figures wearing masks in colours ranging from devilish black to fiery red. And then, suddenly, they’ve all disappeared – into one of the many splendid villas whose decaying grey facades have for centuries been relentlessly exposed to the ravages of time. From the inside, music and a hubbub of voices waft out through the windows into the cold evening air.

It’s carnival time in “La Serenissima” as Venice is dubbed, a ritual rooted in the customs and festivities that preceded the fasting season in the 12th century. The royal courts devised increasingly prestigious and lavish forms of carnival from the late Middle Ages onwards to go with their gory animal-baiting contests, firework displays and famous masques.

The artist has paid several visits to the lagoon-bound city during the carnival period. He is particularly enamoured of St Mark’s Square and the splendid Rialto Bridge in the borough of San Polo. Visitors gain a vivid impression of Venice’s former grandeur here. And then there are the unique villas owned by venerable Venetian families as well as the numerous fanciful masks and disguises of the carnival participants - all rich stimuli for any painter. Thus it was that the sketch for “Venetian Carnival”, a figural scene in expressive manner, was born one cold February day.

SKU: 935222-9M221-1
Weight: 12200 g
Limited to 10 pieces.

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