Wall plate with "moulded flower-heads on dark ground"

Wall plate with "moulded flower-heads on dark ground"

This shape of plate was only rediscovered a few years ago in the MEISSEN® collection owned by Horst Hoffmeister and his brother Dieter. It now most felicitously accommodates the disciplines of painting and sculpture that once vied with one another for supremacy at Europe’s oldest porcelain manufactory and, in the process, ushered in its first heyday in around 1730. Hardly had Johann Gregorius Höroldt (1696-1775) created the wherewithal for painting porcelain in the subtlest of palettes with his 16 new overglaze colours than relief-moulded patterns from France became fashionable. Höroldt, who was Director of Painting, championed plain shapes and from the very outset regarded the work of Johann Joachim Kaendler (1706-1775), court sculptor and ten years his junior, as a source of unwelcome competition. A plate modelled to the level of absolute excellence, after all, leaves little scope for creative input by the painter.

Our porcelain painters have proved to be impressively up to the major challenge posed by the relief moulding. A black-coloured ground serves to dramatically emphasize the raised flowers. The medallions are linked and gleamingly enclosed by choice 23-carat gold. Sections of ornamental interlacing in shades of pink are matched by tiny flowers strewn about as if at random. The painting and moulded detail become fused into one in an uncommonly stark combination of colours - proof that opposites can attract to facilitate artistic feats of the highest order.

SKU: 207684-54M70-1
Weight: 510 g
Limited to 50 pieces.

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