Wall plate, Pheasant on flower basket, Limited Masterpieces, 45 cm

Wall plate, Pheasant on flower basket, Limited Masterpieces, 45 cm

MEISSEN® is honouring the work of the artist Willi Münch-Khe (1885-1961), an innovative crosser of boundaries between styles and idioms, with a stylised golden pheasant on an opulent basket of flowers. He lent each of his works a complex and invariably rather mystifying slant as a means of transcending convention - including in MEISSEN®. Sculptor, graphic artist and painter in one, he produced vessels and patterns straddling art deco and art nouveau in 1912 and 1913. He made a surprising switch to humorous literary figures in the 1920s and, thereafter, to conventional sculptures of cute baby animals.

The MEISSEN® archives contain a great many fanciful works of graphic art in his inimitably vivacious style of painting: floral motifs, ornament, figures and never-ending birds of paradise symbolise the beauty and uniqueness of Nature in art nouveau. His "Wonder Birds" are all about transcending the severity of the old world. Flowing lines painted in underglaze cobalt blue and subtly picked out in gold likewise generate a sense of total momentum. Various forms of ornament complementing the motif appear more frolicsome than framing. The clash of clean-lined composition and lack of severity injects a singular charm into the motif, just as the unconventional artist Willi Münch-Khe intended.

SKU: 82A684-54M51-1
Weight: 3986 g
Limited to 25 pieces.

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