"Welcome", H 25 cm

"Welcome", H 25 cm

“Welcome” was one of the earliest “keys to success” at the MEISSEN Manufactory. The legendary porcelain key was made by Johann Jakob Irminger, a pioneer in porcelain design, and is said to have been drunk out of by Augustus the Strong during a visit to Albrechtsburg Castle in Meißen – according to the guest-book for 1714 at any rate. The Albrechtsburg was where the “white gold” was produced and the secret recipes of Meissen ’s® alchemists were jealously guarded right up until 1865. The “Welcome” was the King’s MEISSEN® sceptre! Like a magic key it affords its owner symbolic entry to the world of Meissen ® art. It was originally 40 cm long, but a smaller edition has been selected for our “Limited Art Works”. Adorning the “Welcome” key is an elaborate rendition of the Albrechtsburg that draws on an engraving produced by Alexander Thiele in 1726.
SKU: 29A181-55204-1
Weight: 440 g
Limited to 75 pieces.

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