"Wing with Triangular Tip" spatial sign, H 59 cm

"Wing with Triangular Tip" spatial sign, H 59 cm

Towering columns have been lent wings by celebrated Meissen artist Jörg Danielczyk (*1952), whose entire 47-year career has been defined by his love of "white gold". Following an apprenticeship and subsequent course of college studies, he progressed to become Artistic Director and Modeller-in-Chief at MEISSEN®. Amongst the countless pictures and sculptures he has created is "Saxonia", the largest free-standing porcelain statue in the world. His recent works are more abstract: he is particularly attracted to the idea of sounding out the range of aesthetic and sculptural meanings figures acquire when stripped of physical associations. Wings repeatedly play a great part in this. "To me they mean air, breath, flying and standing above things", explains an artist who allows the subject in hand and his imagination a free rein when modelling. In his latest porcelain statuary he has raised wings to the status of "Spatial Signs". They rise up from high pedestals whose upper ends have been left unfinished. Exuding a certain heaviness in contrast with the light and airy wings, they recall rocks or unhewn slabs of stone. Abstract painting picked out in gilt creates inspirational points of focus as a means of lending prominence to certain areas. Depending on the angle from which they are beheld, these "Spatial Signs" trigger a whole array of associations that give full rein to our imagination.

SKU: 900384-73938-1
Weight: 1950 g
Limited to 15 pieces.

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