Tea, coffee and hot chocolate – the three exotic hot beverages

Whilst enjoying tee, coffee and hot chololate served on Meissen Porcelain, you are presented amusing and interesting facts about the three exotic hot beverages and about the various shapes of MEISSEN® tableware used for serving them.

Tee, coffee and hot chocolate used to be very expensive luxury goods. The exotic beverages captured European taste in Baroque times. Finest porcelain was desired for their accomplished taste. The porcelain originally had to be imported from Eastern Asia. Only with the foundation of the MEISSEN porcelain manufactory the European wish was fulfilled. For the first time, the longed-for porcelained was given shape and decoration that met European taste.

Why is the tea pot round and the coffee pot pear-shaped? How did the German word Blümchenkaffee (“flower coffee”) come about? You hear more about the history of tea, coffee, and hot chocolate and the MEISSEN porcelains especially designed for them in this entertaining presentation.

Three MEISSEN® cups for tee, coffee and hot chocolate with diverse shapes and decorations are set at a magnificent coffee table for every guest.

The manifold styles invite comparison and give a small impression of the rich treasure of shapes and decorations that is nourished at the MEISSEN manufactory. At the event, sweet delicacies accompany the taste of the three beverages, such as fine cakes, tarts and coffee pralines.

Today, tea, coffee and hot chocolate have ceased to remain a luxury good we can only seldomly afford. But we can turn them into something very special again, by enjoying them from Meissen Porcelain®. See for yourself and enjoy a very special moment at MEISSEN®.

Experience MEISSEN® craftsmanship and the diversity of Meissen Porcelain® in our demonstration workshops, the museum and the MEISSEN artCAMPUS® before or after the event - the entrance fee is included in the ticket of the event.

Dates:                 upon prior arrangement

Duration:            approx. 1 hour (without visit of the house of MEISSEN®)

Preis:                  26,00 Euros per person (min. 10 Persons per event)


  • tea, coffee, hot chocolate made using a recipe from the 18th century and mineral water
  • selection of finest cakes, tarts and coffee pralines
  • admission to the House of MEISSEN® world of experience

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