Demonstration Workshops

In the Demonstration Workshops you will be able to witness the craftsmanship that goes into making Meissen Porcelain at four stages of the process.

The tour begins with a short film on the history of the Manufactory, the raw materials used and the manufacturing processes adopted. In the following four rooms, you get to see how Meissen Porcelain is made by hand. Relief-moulded cups are “thrown” and parts of figurines moulded at the workbenches of a thrower and modeller.

A person known as a repairer or fettler then joins the parts of a figure together. A finished example stands before them as a guide on how to proceed.

Underglaze painting is demonstrated citing the example of Meissen’s famous Onion Pattern. The tour concludes with a display of overglaze painting. Floral decorations and painting based on oriental motifs are used to illustrate this multifaceted technique with its extensive nuances of colour.

The tour of the Demonstration Workshops can be accompanied by recorded commentary in any of 14 languages or else by a personal guide.