Saxonia: the “Saxon Statue of Liberty”

Saxonia: the “Saxon Statue of Liberty”

On the occasion of the 25th anniversary of German reunification the traditional house of MEISSEN COUTURE® has dedicated a very special monument to the Peaceful Revolution, to freedom, and, last but not least, to porcelain made in Saxony: Entitled “Saxonia”, the currently largest freestanding porcelain statue in the world was unveiled. With its 1,80 metres height, the figurine is life-sized, weighs 800 kilograms, and wears a dress adorned with 8000 handmade MEISSEN® porcelain blossoms. 

“Saxonia is our present to Saxony, the Saxon Statue of Liberty made of Meissen Porcelain®”, says Dr Christian Kurtzke, CEO of the MEISSEN COUTURE® luxury group during the statue’s unveiling ceremony on 18 October 2014. “Furthermore, it embodies the vibrant and outstanding craftsmanship of the more than 300-year-old MEISSEN Manufactory. And not least, this work demonstrates clearly that we see ourselves not only as an economic enterprise, but also as a cultural institution in Saxony.”

“Saxonia’s” creator is Jörg Danielcyk, Meissen’s head sculptor. The impressive statue marks the highpoint of his 45 years of working at the manufactory. “It challenged me creatively, and also made extraordinary high demands on everybody who was involved in its creation and production. It also bears witness to the extraordinary craftsmanship and artistry of the porcelain production at MEISSEN”, he says. It took three weeks just to fire the sculpture in the manufactory’s kiln.

The Saxon Statue of Liberty can be viewed daily in the House of MEISSEN® world of experience.

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