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1690 10000
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Porcelain wall paintings

Porcelain wall paintings represent a relatively young genre for MEISSEN. That said, it is also one that draws on the manufactory’s wide variety of motifs and colour palettes more than perhaps any other. It is by far the most challenging discipline in terms of porcelain painting and is only mastered by the most experienced artists. What makes it so challenging compared to painting on canvas are the technical requirements of the pigments, which must be fired in successive steps at varying temperatures: first the heat-resistant green or blue underglaze colours, followed by in-glaze painting techniques, and lastly any gaps are filled in with overglaze paints, which only develop their characteristic brilliance after the final firing. The motifs for these paintings range from vibrant, colourful florals inspired by the Old Masters to animal studies, hunting scenes, or completely abstract motifs, including a number of one-of-a-kind pieces that were created in cooperation with contemporary artists.