A festival hall for MEISSEN PORCELAIN® – the “Exhibition Hall” managed by Meissen Porzellan-Stiftung

Since 2015, Meissener Porzellan Stiftung GmbH has been the proprietor of the museum holdings of the MEISSEN® State Porcelain Manufactory and the body supervising its Porcelain Museum.

Modern museum with a vintage feel

Erected in the style of a neo-Classicist festival hall, the Museum was unveiled in January 1916 with a major show of prestigious models.

The Exhibition Hall building is still extant in its original form. The precious historical interior from the year 1916 has remained part of the museum concept up to the present day. Showcases in dark-stained oak, with cladding for door niches, doors, columns and tables to match, provide a worthy framework for the Meissen porcelain within. There’s more on this in our special “Porcelain Museum Centenary” exhibition.

A trip through the centuries

To be discovered on the first floor is a unique collection of Meissen porcelain from 1710 to the present. Highlights from over 300 years of Meissen porcelain creation are set out chronologically there. The porcelains on display are but the publicly accessible portion of the most comprehensive collection of Meissen porcelain from all ages.

NEW in 2017 - Meissen Variations

From chamber pot to showpiece tableware

From March 2017 you will be able to delve into subjects such as literature, fashion, music or theatre on the revamped second floor of our Porcelain Museum. The porcelains on display will narrate stories from past and present in a new setting. Often of particular interest is the fine detail in a piece or the history of how it came to be. A lavishly laid table conjures up images of the hedonistically indulgent Augustus the Strong. Opulence and luxury were what he lived by. A veritable feast for the eyes. And yet Meissen porcelain can also be political or technical even. Insulators in genuine Meissen or a chamber pot? See for yourself …


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