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  • Clock Putto Reading
  • Clock Putto with Flute
  • Clock Flowers and Birds, H 35 cm
  • Clock Four Elements, H 47 cm
  • Clock Four Seasons, Coloured, with gold, signature Meissen exclusive collection, limited, H 47 cm
  • Clock Huntswoman with Dog, H 27 cm
  • Clock Three Birds, H 35 cm
  • Clock Helianthemum, H 42 cm
  • Clock, The Future, H 41 cm
  • Clock with Two Putti, H 36 cm
  • Barometer Four Seasons, H 51 cm
  • Clock Épée Fencers, H 32 cm
  • Clock Peter the Great - Life stages, Lim. 5, H 50 cm
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Porcelain clocks

Once a fixed component of every household, small shelf clocks were placed on the mantle above the fireplace – the central element of the living room. Wealthy households would have their mantel clocks custom made according to their taste, using exquisite materials and lavish decorations, like the porcelain clocks from MEISSEN. To this day, these clocks represent a unique marriage of function and opulence, once again highlighting what the Meissen porcelain manufactory has represented for more than 300 years: the epitome of artistry and craftsmanship. The porcelain clocks of the Masterworks collections – for tables, commodes or, in line with tradition, atop the mantel – are precious works of art. The collections feature bases in the Rococo or Art Nouveau style and are decorated with “Scattered Blossoms”, lavish artwork and golden accents, all the way to natural and mystical motifs.