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  • Vase, Medusa, H 23 cm
  • Girl Standing, Böttger Stoneware, H 35 cm
  • Small bottle, Flowers of apricot and swallows, H 20 cm
  • Wall Plate, Shape "No 41", Scene of commedia dell` arte, Ø 33 cm
  • Basket Four seasons, T 25 cm
  • Pegasus, H 35 cm
  • Vase, Shape "New Cutout", Veilfish in bladderwrack, H 24 cm
  • Gravy boat "Fish-Head", V 0,35 l
  • Phoenix, H 44 cm
  • Box, Golden flower garden, Böttger Stoneware
  • Vase, Shape "MEISSEN® Cosmopolitan", Fish Flirt, H 13 cm
  • Red lionfish, H 28 cm
  • Vase, Humming Birds, H 38,5 cm
  • wall picture, Fish Flirt, 21,5 x 35 cm
  • Buddha, H 11,5 cm
  • Vase Spring, H 25 cm
  • wall picture, Moon Fairy in Green, 21,5 x 35 cm
  • Wall installation, Three wise monkeys
  • Owl on dish, H 14 cm
  • Vase, Flower tendril, H 14,5 cm
  • Vase, Clematis, H 20,4 cm
  • wall picture, Elves in a blossom, 21,5 x 35 cm
  • wall picture, Fairy on the Moon, 21,5 x 35 cm
  • Vase, Greek Gods Dancing in the Round, Limoges painting, H 30 cm
    Limited Masterworks 2021Vase, Muse Scenes, Limoge...


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Porcelain masterworks

Over its 300-year history, Meissen porcelain has stood as the epitome of artistry and craftsmanship. The Masterworks collections are an expression of this unique creativity that is made possible by cooperation across all areas of the manufactory. The Masterworks collections is comprised of new editions of classic designs as well as pieces by great artists that have shaped the manufactory. Historically inspired recreations by contemporary Meissen artists and exclusive editions from the manufactory’s most experienced artisans expand this continuously growing range of Meissen icons. The works of art, often limited to very small quantities, are selected collectibles of particularly high value. The collection includes wall paintings, vases, showpiece dishes, figurines, clocks, candlesticks and accessories – works of art made of Meissen porcelain that fill any and every room with modern opulence.