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  • Chocolate Set Paradise Bird, Lim. 15
  • MEISSEN COUTURE déjeuner with tray
  • Dejeuner Seasons, Lim. 15
  • Dejeuner "Birds in gilt and scrolling leaves"
  • Tea Dejeuner "Chinoiseries"
  • Chocolate Set "Chinoiserie", Chinoiserie after Hoeroldt, H 21,5 cm
  • Tea Dejeuner "Egyptian landscapes"
  • Chocolate Set "Casanova-incognito", H 21,5 cm
  • Gotzkowsky "Commedia dell'Arte" déjeuner
  • Déjeuner with "Oriental flower and bird painting" on a lilac ground, Shape "Glatte Form"
  • Swan service mocha set "Capodimonte", Shape "Swan Service"
  • Liqueur set with "Japanese rock, branch and bird motifs after Wache"
  • Neubrandenstein déjeuner with "Fanciful flowers and butterflies"
  • Snowball Set with Birds, Lim. 25, H 0 cm
  • Déjeuner Summer Meadow, Lim. 50
  • Déjeuner "Birds in Flight", Shape "Paris"
  • Collectible cup set
  • Déjeuner with a rose composition in purple and sepia
  • Altbrandenstein déjeuner with "Early-style flower painting in puce"
  • Déjeuner with FF flower painting after etchings
  • Déjeuner after Leuteritz with "Woodland berries"
  • Coffee Dejeuner "Lilies of the Valley"
  • Coffee déjeuner with "Spring Roses", Shape "B-Form"
  • Coffee breakfast set "Lemon blossom", naturalistic style
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Opulent porcelain dishware sets

In the Baroque era, tea, coffee and hot cocoa were luxury goods that were drunk exclusively from elegant porcelain. With the founding of the Meissen manufactory in 1710, it was possible for the first time ever to satisfy this demand with European production. The opulent porcelain dishware sets from MEISSEN elevated these exquisite beverages and turned their enjoyment into a moment of true luxury – and continue to do so today. The Masterworks collections include sets for tea, coffee, hot cocoa and mocha in different sizes: from place settings for breakfast for two all the way to sets for large parties, always with a serving tray or a large platter, cups, as well as small plates, a creamer, a sugar bowl and, most importantly, the coffee or tea pot. Meissen’s porcelain dishware sets are expressive ensembles with lavish embellishments or sculptural reliefs and finished with colourful painting and golden accents.