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  • Jewellery case, Figurine painting, flowers and birds, Pate sur pate painting
  • Tureen "Swan Service", Shape "Swan Service", H 43 cm
  • Mirror frame, Coloured, with gold, signature Meissen exclusive collection, limited, H 98 cm
  • Vase "Four Elements - Earth", H 71 cm
  • Vase "Four Elements - Fire", H 69 cm
  • Vase "Four Elements - Water", H 66 cm
  • Vase "Four Elements - Air", H 67 cm
  • Chess set "Sea life"
  • "Brühl Crest" glass cooler, Shape "Swan Service"
  • Swan Service tureen with the combined arms of Count Brühl, Shape "Swan Service", 36 x 33 cm
  • Swan Service tureen with "Count Brühl's alliance coat-of-arms", Shape "Swan Service"
  • Basket of Count Brühl''s Centerpiece "Early flower and fruit painting"
  • Elements vase Fire and War, Painted, H 67 cm
  • Porcelain table with "Flowers in purple and green", H 85 cm
  • Vase, World of Meissen Patterns, Exklusiv collection, Lim., H 82 cm
  • Dish, large, "World of Meissen Patterns", Ø 29 cm
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Porcelain centrepieces

Meissen centrepieces are creations that embody exceptional artistic and creative sophistication, that are unprecedented in terms of opulence, lavish ornaments and intricate details. Pieces such as the “Elements Vases”, available as “Earth”, “Water”, “Air” and “Fire”, feature figurative scenes that capture the power of the respective elements in the form of gods, angels and animal figurines. A contemporary reflexion on the manufactory’s rich heritage inspired the design of the 82-cm-high “Krater Vase”. Based on an original silhouette by Ernst August Leuteritz from 1856, this new edition features round cut-outs of more than 100 of the manufactory’s historic decorative motifs. A total of 27 specialist painters worked on this opulent hand-painted masterpiece using various techniques. The same applies to the “World of Meissen Patterns” showpiece dish – an 1849 original dish design with an intricate relief, now decorated in an opulent patchwork that highlights the creative diversity of the manufactory.