• "Waves" Vase sprigged with "Roses", H 13,5 cm
  • Vase with "Sepia Tulip", H 23 cm
  • Vase, Shape "New Cutout", Veilfish in bladderwrack, H 24 cm
  • "Pure Harmony" vase, 13,5 cm
  • "Waves" Vase sprigged with "Orchids", H 20,5 cm
  • Vase with "Vineleaves, pendant tendrils and gilt-tooled grapes", H 32 cm
  • Stone vase "Roses in Play of Colours", H 17,5 cm
  • Dandelion Clock vase, Shape "MEISSEN® Cosmopolitan", H 18 cm
  • Vase, Flower tendril, H 14,5 cm
  • Vase with "Sepia Tulip", H 33 cm
  • "Crane" vase, H 24,5 cm
  • "Crane" vase, H 33 cm
  • Gourd vase in Böttger Stoneware, H 33 cm
  • "Metamorphosis" vase, H 46 cm
  • "Waves" Vase sprigged with "Water Lilly", H 30 cm
  • Vase, Shape "MEISSEN® Cosmopolitan", Fish Flirt, H 13 cm
  • Vase, Humming Birds, H 38,5 cm
  • Vase Spring, H 25 cm
  • Vase, Clematis, H 20,4 cm
  • Vase, Greek Gods Dancing in the Round, Limoges painting, H 30 cm
    Limited Masterworks 2021Vase, Muse Scenes, Limoge...


  • Vase "Untitled", Unique piece, Nja Mahdaoui, H 41 cm
  • Vase, Blossom and bird motifs,black,red and copper colours,Lim. Masterpieces, H 25,5 cm
  • Vase, "Meeresauge", Cornelia Schleime, Unique piece, H 27 cm
  • Sculpture "Five caps 1/7", Unique piece SEO, H 145 cm
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Vases from the masterworks collection

The porcelain vases of the Meissen Masterworks collections are one-of-a-kind pieces that draw on the entire artistic and creative tradition of the manufactory. The wide range of sizes and shapes are ideal for long-stemmed flowers and branches, opulent bouquets and festive floral arrangements: expansive, bulbous vases with bases, snake-handled vases, historic lidded vases, shapes inspired by Ancient Greek krater vases, Baroque shapes, masterpieces of Classicism and modern recreations. Lavishly decorated with floral onlays, figurative scenes or decorative elements such as antique columns and gables, the porcelain vases also serve as canvases for impressive artwork. Colourful naturalistic flower decorations – a genre that has been practiced to perfection at the Meissen manufactory since the 19th century – landscapes and city panoramas, designs inspired by Eastern Asian porcelain art as well as historically inspired recreations.