Monkey Orchestra Hurdy-Gurdy Player

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Order No. : 90C300-60016-1
13,5x7 cm, 220 g
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The "Hurdy-Gurdy Player" belongs to the "Monkey Orchestra" consisting of 21 monkey musicians. Johann Joachim Kaendler, Meissen's first model master, created this bizarre orchestra in 1753: monkeys disguised as humans - delicate, playful figurines for festive table decorations. Kaendler thus ironically and humorously holds up a mirror to courtly society - in keeping with the fashion of the time. Artfully hand-crafted, painted in many variations and details, each individual figurine of the monkey chapel proclaims Kaendler's great craftsmanship and the originality and uniqueness of Meissen porcelain.
Height: 13,5 cm
Width: 7 cm
Depth: 6 cm
Weight: 220 g