With the “VITRUV” service form, MEISSEN has defined an entirely new class of design for the table: linear, clean-cut and purist. Since the manufactory’s founding, MEISSEN artists have frequently looked to architecture when creating their exceptional porcelain forms and decorations. “VITRUV” builds on this tradition, taking inspiration from one of the fundamental elements of architecture: the column. The new service form translates the essence of architecture into porcelain form, with refined details that exude sophistication and craftsmanship. The specially created “Graphic” relief pattern interprets the design vocabulary of the “VITRUV” form into a number of variations. With an effect similar to reflecting prisms, the reliefs lend the porcelain a schematic structure and an evocative feel. Meanwhile, one of the manufactory’s oldest decorative motifs, the “Ming Dragon” from 1740, is reinterpreted in sepia on select components of the service. Dynamically positioned on starter and dessert plates in detailed, hand-painted strokes, the dragon décor lends an element of the sublime to the clear, linear form, underscoring the timelessness of the design. The oval shapes of pieces like the jug, cup, and sugar bowl contain another distinctive feature: A hand-applied foot, topped with a finely milled groove, lend these pieces an element of weightlessness, a completely new aesthetic in the manufactory's repertoire. As the VITRUV service was created with modularity in mind, the purist design lends itself to a wide range of combination possibilities. Pieces with the “Graphic” relief pattern, available in white glaze or in partial bisque, can be paired with one another or complemented with the “Ming Dragon”-decorated pieces, depending on the setting or occasion. With the exception of pieces with “Ming Dragon” painting, all 24 service components are dishwasher-safe.

“With its clean design, modern graphic reliefs and reimagining of the “Ming Dragon” décor, VITRUV marries tradition and the highest craftsmanship with contemporary design.”
  • Katagami, the Japanese templates traditionally used for creating prints on kimono fabrics, provided the inspiration for the various “Graphic” relief patterns. These templates, precisely cut from handmade Japanese paper, are the source of an extraordinary wealth of motifs, from flora and fauna to abstract, geometric forms. With “Graphic”, the artists of the MEISSEN atelier have drawn from this traditional ornamentation and adapted it for the medium of porcelain, making it part of their own tradition of innovative surface designs.
“From the “Graphic” reliefs in shimmering white glaze or partial bisque to the “Ming Dragon” décor, “VITRUV” offers a wealth of possibilities for the table.“
  • “VITRUV” brings together the finest-quality Meissen porcelain, purist design, and everyday functionality into a complete, handmade service set. The technical standards and aesthetic refinement of this service form are reflected in its precise details, such as the distinctly formed foot at the base of the extravagant ovals of the “VITRUV” cup, beaker, jug, and sugar bowl. Produced as a single part, each foot is attached by hand with a milled groove. This design feature, which represents a technical first for the manufactory, creates the effect of a column above which its chapter opens upwards, and lends the form an effect of weightlessness. The richly detailed “Graphic” relief is available in a number of variations, each one representative of the extraordinary expertise of the Meissen artisans.
“With its understated elegance and clear, clean lines, “VITRUV” embodies a contemporary luxury that fits into any moment of the day.“