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Porcelain candlesticks

Candlesticks made of exquisite Meissen porcelain are stylish design objects that not only make a statement but tie an interior together perfectly. A festively set table, a romantic dinner for two, a relaxed evening in your living room, in the kitchen, or a balmy summer evening on the balcony – MEISSEN candlesticks transform any candle from being a simple, cosy source of light to being a celebratory expression of one’s interior taste. In keeping with tradition, all Meissen candlesticks are hand-crafted, be they made of exquisite porcelain in the lustrous white that MEISSEN is so famous for, or out of earthy red Böttger stoneware, the predecessor of today’s porcelain. The detailed reliefs in porcelain or vibrant, hand-painted artwork and timeless classics such as the “Onion Pattern” or the “Meissen Rose”, or contemporary designs all exemplify the exceptional artistry of Meissen’s embossers and porcelain painters and make each piece truly one of a kind.