MEISSEN x Michael Moebius
With the MEISSEN x Michael Moebius “Legends Blowing Bubbles - Collection”, modern Pop Art meets over 300 years of craftsmanship and lets the icons Marilyn Monroe and Audrey Hepburn shine in “white gold” - initially in the form of a unique bust of Marilyn Monroe, which took over 15 months to create by hand. The cooperation will also be supplemented by four MEISSEN mugs with Marilyn Monroe and Audrey Hepburn decor. This collaboration underlines not only Moebius' innovative approach to art, but also the dialog between historical art forms and contemporary Pop Art.
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    MEISSEN x Michael Moebius „Legends Blowing Bubbles – Collection“
    The cooperation between Michael Moebius and the MEISSEN Porcelain Manufactory represents an extraordinary fusion of artistic creations and creates sculptures in modern art. The unique bust of Marilyn Monroe was handcrafted in 15 months in the MEISSEN manufactory and carries a bubble gum bubble, handmade and mouth-blown by the renowned Moser Glas manufactory from Karlsbad. With this work of art, over 300 years of craftsmanship merge with modern pop art and the collaboration underlines not only Moebius' innovative approach to art, but also the dialog between historical art forms and forms of contemporary culture. The artwork was brought to life by the talented MEISSEN sculptor Maximilian Hagstotz. For him, the special charm in the design of his sculptures lies in what is hidden. The full beauty and deeper meaning of the sculpture only emerges when the viewer looks at the figure and explores it in all its splendor. The bust has been in process since February 2023 and it took over a year to produce a sculpture from clay model to porcelain piece. Made with exclusive craftsmanship, each bust is unique.
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    About Michael Moebius
    Michael Moebius, born in 1968 in Pirna, Germany, stands as a beacon in contemporary art, known for his fusion of pop culture with fine art techniques. known for blending pop culture with exquisite fine art technique. Moebius' journey from a cartoon-loving child in communist East Germany to an internationally acclaimed artist is a testament to his relentless pursuit of artistic expression. His move to Los Angeles, California post-Berlin Wall collapse marked the beginning of a celebrated career, where his work found resonance not just with art collectors but also within the echelons of popular culture. Promoted by Hugh Hefner, his art was subsequently bought by many Hollywood stars. Today, Moebius' art, especially his iconic bubblegum portraits, not only garnered acclaim but also attracted a collector base comprising prominent private collections, and global brands.
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    The Bubblegum Series: Marilyn Monroe & Audrey Hepburn
    Michael Moebius' bubblegum series, featuring icons like Marilyn Monroe and Audrey Hepburn, cleverly mixes realism with a playful touch. These artworks not only offer a fresh look at icons but also connect with people by transforming well-known figures in a way that's both nostalgic and modern. What's remarkable is how these pieces, much like the Mona Lisa or the statue of David, have become some of the most replicated images worldwide. This series has made a significant mark in the realm of copyright law. Moebius' work led to a groundbreaking moment where he was awarded a precedent setting judgement, setting a new standard for how art can be protected and valued in the face of widespread imitation. He is the first artist worldwide who wins over 100 Million US-Dollar in a monumental lawsuit against hundreds of foreign counterfeiters. This achievement underscores the series' wide appeal but also Moebius' role in shaping conversations around copyright and creativity in art worldwide.
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    The MEISSEN Mug Collection
    This extraordinary cooperation is complemented by four mugs from our “The MEISSEN Mug Collection” with Marilyn Monroe and Audrey Hepburn decorations. Both in the classic size with a filling volume of 250 ml / 8.45 fl. oz. and as a Big Mug with a filling volume of 500 ml / 16.9 fl. oz., these will bear the Michael Moebius works of the world-famous pop icons from the Bubblegum series. In addition, the back of the mugs will feature gold-colored lettering: “Happy Birthday Mr. President” (Marilyn) or “Life is a party” (Audrey). The Marilyn Monroe & Audrey Hepburn bubblegum designs make the classic MEISSEN mug a real eye-catcher for stylish moments of enjoyment.