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Porcelain Jewellery

Fine pieces of porcelain jewelry

The production of jewellery at MEISSEN traces all the way back to the 18th century. A legacy and world renown that – both then and now – is founded in exceptional craftsmanship, working with and combining precious materials such as gold, silver, diamonds and the finest porcelain. Upholding this rich and unique tradition, the MEISSEN jewellery collections feature historical motifs and iconic artworks such as the "Ming Dragon", the Crossed Swords or the snowball blossoms of the "1739 Royal Blossom" collection, but also contemporary designs. It is this richness that allows craft enthusiasts to redefine their style again and again and to incorporate elegant accessories into every look. All pieces of MEISSEN jewellery are created by hand and attest to the over 300-year-old manufacturing tradition of one of the oldest luxury brands in Europe.


After the “Pearl Collection Pure White” made countless porcelain lovers beam with its grace and elegance, MEISSEN now presents the new “Pearl Collection Lilac” with an enchanting purple staffage of elegant porcelain pearls. Energetic, yet subtle, the pearls, much like the earth’s moon, are a constant companion and a symbol of femininity, grace and purity. The color purple symbolizes the mysterious and mystical, power and extravagance. Highest craftsmanship and deep symbolism make this novelty the perfect piece of jewelry and an absolute must-have accessory.


The perfect round: with elegantly staffed porcelain pearls, the “Pearl Collection” is reminiscent of cosmic planets circling on an orbit of high-quality 750 rose gold. The light lustre colour gives the pearl made of the finest Meissen porcelain a slightly iridescent surface design that also creates the impression of a moon. The bracelet as well as the necklaces, rings and earrings of the “Pearl Collection” transport us into another universe and radiate elegance, self-confidence and something mysterious. Underline your mature appearance with an unexpected combination of the highest craftsmanship and unsurpassed design.


Infinite love in porcelain - Behind the filigree decoration lies probably the most romantic tradition in the history of porcelain: King August III impressed his great love Maria Josepha of Austria with the precious snowball blossoms of white gold in 1739. Each of the countless filigree blossoms is still formed by hand today. Inspired by the filigree splendor of the Snowball Blossoms, “Royal Blossom” today enchants in combination with enchanting sapphires - a gemstone that stands for peace, purity and tranquility and is said to help its wearer achieve determination.


High-quality materials such as silver, leather and porcelain combine in the collection of fine men’s jewelry from the Meissen manufactory to create casual designs and striking accents of the first order. Cufflinks, bracelets, lapel pins and signet rings are crafted with the same design expertise and craftsmanship for which MEISSEN is known worldwide. Whether individualized with a monogram, the historic “Ming Dragon” decoration - a symbol of strength and success - or the Crossed Swords as Europe’s oldest trademark, each piece of jewelry is unique due to its hand painting and a characterful addition to any distinguished wardrobe. The artists draw the motifs by hand in perfected brushstrokes on the gossamer-thin porcelain leaves, creating genuine works of art.