To ensure that your recent purchase is genuine Meissen porcelain, we always recommend you buy from one of our Meissen Stores or from authorised specialist retailers. When you shop at either a Meissen Store or an authorised retailer, you will receive a certificate to verify the authenticity of your purchase, especially for limited edition works.

We also offer certification after purchase with corresponding authentication.

For more information on the services we offer, please call us on +49.3521 468 6630.
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    Limited Masterworks
    The collection presents historic reissues of exceptional pieces by great artists who have shaped the manufactory over centuries. In 2018: Ernst August Leuteritz, Max Adolf Pfeiffer, and Jörg Danielczyk.
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    Limited Edition
    MEISSEN draws on its collection of historic models and paints for this "Limited Edition" series, presenting reissues of classic pieces and new historically inspired works.