About the manufactory
For more than 300 years, MEISSEN has been creating porcelain of exceptional quality, famous for its purity. By channelling its rich heritage through the manufactory’s lived craft, porcelain pieces are created, that attain the highest standards of exclusivity and individuality
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    Every piece of Meissen porcelain is the result of a creative process which is only made possible by the wealth of experience embodied by the manufactory's artisans.
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    The history of the Meissen manufactory is nothing short of a journey through Europe's varied artistic past – every era has been shaped by the works of Meissen’s artisans.
  • Artists
    MEISSEN has a long tradition of collaborating with artists from all over the world. This tradition reaches back to the 1920s: Max Adolf Pfeiffer, Meissen’s managing director at the time, brought artistic excellence to the manufactory by working together closely with outside artists such as Ernst Barlach and Paul Scheurich. To this day, MEISSEN regularly works together with contemporary artists from various disciplines to bring their own unique approaches to porcelain, often pushing the boundary of what is technically feasible within the medium. During their time at MEISSEN, these artists are given access to the expertise of both the manufactory and its skilled artisans to help them bring their ideas to life. They enjoy unlimited creative freedom and can explore both applied and fine arts in their work. The results are highly limited masterpieces or singular works of art made from the finest Meissen porcelain that continue to inspire the ongoing creative production of the Meissen manufactory.
  • MEISSEN Icons
    The MEISSEN Icons are commissioned pieces that showcase the Meissen manufactory’s artisanal excellence. Due to their complex and elaborate production, they are only issued in highly limited editions. They may reflect some of the most formative influences from over 300 years of porcelain history or channel the current zeitgeist to create brand new contemporary pieces. For weeks and months, only the most experienced artisans work to bring these works of ultimate craftsmanship to life. They are an expression of the rich heritage of Europe’s oldest porcelain manufactory.
Experience Meissen
Since the 1860s, MEISSEN has produced all of its exceptional porcelain wares at a single production site in the Triebischtal valley. Connected to the manufactory is the House of Meissen, which welcomes visitors to experience MEISSEN in Demonstration Workshops, showrooms, and its porcelain museum.