In 2018, together with Meissen’s creative directors Otto Drögsler and Jörg Ehrlich, Chinese product designer Zhuoyu Hou designed her first collection: “Antarctica”. This harmonious tableware series represents a bold new design approach for MEISSEN. For this collection, Hou was inspired by the frozen landscapes and fauna of the Arctic: penguin shapes are transformed into pitchers and vases; ice floes become shallow bowls, candleholders, and cups. With her designs, Hou explores the possibilities of porcelain design and manifests tensions by juxtaposing soft curves, asymmetries, and sharp edges. The organic shapes are continually interrupted by angular elements. It is this combination of form and function that makes this series so unique – both as a collection and as individual pieces. The design series “Antarctica” is available in classic white porcelain as well as a marbled variant. The marbled decoration was created using a traditional dyeing technique in which a grey slurry is mixed into the porcelain paste. The porcelain is mixed before every batch, making every piece in the series one-of-a-kind.

“With ‘Antarctica’, Meissen product designer Zhuoyu Hou has created a harmonious tableware collection that adds a bold new design vocabulary to the manufactory’s repertoire.”
  • 01
    MEISSEN® Cosmopolitan
    A nod to Grand Hotel silverware, MEISSEN® Cosmopolitan presents itself with crisp, clear forms, paving the way for a contemporary dining culture in gold, platinum and mesh surfaces
  • 02
    Big Five
    Inspired by African carved wooden statues, MEISSEN takes on the Big Five for the first time in its history in a single cohesive style