Life is full of small and big adventures. Whether it's the daily commute to work, the sprint from one business partner or customer meeting to the next, or the all-too-short weekend when you wanted to do way too much again. And in the middle of it all: you. And what you need in these moments is quite clear: your favorite coffee or hot drink, with which you want to pause for a brief moment, enjoy and recharge your batteries - right now and above all: with style! Experience exclusive table culture on the go with the Coffee2Go mugs from MEISSEN! Give yourself soothing moments of pleasure or recharge your energy anytime and anywhere. The unique to-go cups made of finest Meissen porcelain adapt uncompromisingly to your individual lifestyle. With iconic designs from over 310 years of manufactory history - whether lucky dragon, onion pattern, monkey and sloth or something completely different. So you can always have your very own personal MEISSEN favorite with you. Keeps tight, keeps warm and is really tough. Practical, noble and luxurious at the same time. In short: Coffee with Style.
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„The unique to-go cups made of the finest Meissen porcelain with iconic decorations from over 310 years of manufactory history adapt to your individual lifestyle without compromise.
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    Your Customized Gift
    Give your loved ones a special treat with individualized products made of finest Meissen porcelain. A unique gift idea with a very personal touch.
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    Young Animals
    Discover our unique collection series of hand-painted miniatures from the animal world. Incomparably lovely and expressive.