Gents Jewellery

Gents Jewellery
With its collection of elegant men’s jewellery, MEISSEN is continuing a tradition of design and craftsmanship that reaches back all the way to the 18th century. Whereas, at that time, the jewellery was gifted as gallantries within the Saxon court, today the collection caters to the distinguished taste of the modern gentleman – a man of the world. After all, be it a signet ring, cufflinks or an effortless leather bracelet, the true expert reveals himself – and always has – through subtle details and his choice of accessories. Exquisite materials such as silver, leather and porcelain are combined in these pieces to create timeless designs and striking accents of the highest quality by artisans drawing upon more than 300 years of expertise. Iconic motifs such as the “Ming dragon” or Crossed Swords as well as personalised monograms, painted by hand on gleaming white Meissen porcelain, provide the perfect finishing touch for a confident, elegant look. Embellished en détail by skilled craftsmen using the manufactory’s proprietary porcelain paints and precious metals, the hand-painting makes each piece of jewellery one of a kind and a distinctive addition to any sophisticated wardrobe. At the same time, it is the symbolic power of the individual motifs that appeals to both connoisseurs and businessmen alike.
Gents Jewellery
Statement Pieces for the modern man: Make a statement with your new look and the trendy accessories from our men’s jewellery collection.
Discover our collector’s items and convinee with the elegant taste of the modern gentleman. With our men’s jewellery collection you will always make the right choice.

  • Crossed Swordswidth="1920" height="2667" />
    Crossed Swords
    The "Crossed Swords" are the historic signet of the Meissen porcelain manufactory, which is also constantly reinterpreted in the manufactory's jewellery. Since 1722, the Crossed Swords have been painted by hand in the manufactory's own cobalt blue on each piece of Meissen porcelain by the so-called Swordsmen, painters who specialise in the trademark. Although the swords have undergone slight changes over the years, they always remain recognisable. In the elegant men's jewellery from MEISSEN, the "Crossed Swords", Europe's oldest trademark, are confidently presented as an independent decoration.
  • Ming Dragonwidth="1920" height="2667" />
    Ming Dragon
    During the Ming dynasty, the dragon increasingly appeared on Chinese porcelains. In Chinese mythology, it symbolises supernatural wisdom, the spirit of change, but also the rhythm of nature and the teaching of becoming. It stands for sun, light and the masculine power of Yang. Chinese motifs are, after all, also the model for the Ming dragon on Meissen porcelain, which is also constantly used on men's jewellery. The decor was originally created as early as 1740 and is one of the oldest decorations in the manufactory. In ancient China, the typical MEISSEN depiction of the dragon with four toes was reserved exclusively for imperial princes. Whether in elegant black or expressive purple - the decor enhances every outfit and becomes a statement piece at the same time.
  • Tiger width="1920" height="2667" />
    High-quality materials such as leather, 925 sterling silver and the finest Meissen porcelain are combined in the men's jewellery with the tiger decoration to create an exclusive piece of jewellery that underlines your confident appearance. The hand-painted tiger on the fine porcelain plate requires years of experience and the highest precision from the Meissen porcelain painters. This makes each piece of jewellery with the "Tiger" decor unique and is also an excellent gift to express your appreciation for your loved one. With this collection of fine men's jewellery, MEISSEN is continuing a tradition of design and craftsmanship that goes back to the 18th century. Whereas back then it was the gallantry of the Saxon court, today the taste of the modern man is the focus.
  • Butterfly width="1920" height="2667" />
    Whether cufflinks, lapel pins or casual leather bracelets - the true connoisseur reveals himself in fine details, including his choice of accessories. High-quality materials such as 925 sterling silver or leather are combined with the finest MEISSEN porcelain to create unique pieces of jewellery with a timeless design and striking accents. The men's jewellery of the "Butterfly" collection demonstrates craftsmanship at the highest level with a hand-painted butterfly set in 925 sterling silver. Finished by skilled artisans in the manufactory's own porcelain colours, each piece of jewellery is unique due to the hand painting. Give an elegant eye-catcher with tradition and history as a gift with the men's jewellery from the "Butterfly" collection by MEISSEN.
  • Lilly width="1920" height="2667" />
    With its collection of fine men's jewellery, MEISSEN is continuing a tradition that goes back to the 18th century. Whereas back then it was the gallantries of the Saxon court, today the focus is on the taste of the man of the world. Finished in detail by skilled craftsmen in the manufactory's own porcelain colours, each piece of jewellery with the "Lily" decor is unique and a characterful addition to an elegant appearance. Give yourself or your loved ones the gift of the highest craftsmanship from Europe's oldest porcelain manufactory with the "Lily" collection of men's jewellery and express your very special appreciation. The luminous lilies on the finest Meissen porcelain are set in gold-plated 925 sterling silver. MEISSEN - a very special gift.
  • Blue Blossom width="1920" height="2667" />
    Blue Blossom
    The manufacture of men's jewellery at MEISSEN can be traced back to the 18th century. Today, as in the past, it is the craftsman's expertise and the combination of noble materials with the finest porcelain that have established the manufactory's international reputation. The "Blue Blossom" design combines the design expertise and craftsmanship of the Meissen manufactory to create fine men's jewellery that guarantees a confident and elegant appearance. The hand-painted Indian flowers are a very special eye-catcher and embody the highest craftsmanship of Europe's oldest porcelain manufactory. Let yourself be enchanted or give a gift of traditional craftsmanship as a token of your appreciation with the "Blue Blossom" men's jewellery set in high-quality 925 sterling silver.
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    1739 Royal Blossom width="2000" height="2778" />
    1739 Royal Blossom
    Created in 1739 by master modeller Johann Joachim Kaendler, the Snowball Blossoms are still one of the manufactory's most popular designs. Almost 300 years later, they are now reinterpreted as jewellery in the "1739 Royal Blossom" collection.
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    Porcelain pendants width="2000" height="2778" />
    Porcelain pendants
    As statement pieces, Meissen porcelain pendants are the highlight of a casual or festive wardrobe and are an expression of one's own mood and personality. The production according to traditional techniques also makes each pendant unique.