The Ritter von Kempski Private Hotels and MEISSEN share the enthusiasm for beauty, value and the joy of the extraordinary. For this reason, we have worked together to create a comprehensive art and interior collection for the Nature Resort & Spa Schindelbruch that is sure to inspire. In this unique brand partnership, cultural assets, art, craftsmanship and lifestyle are combined and a bridge is built from the history of MEISSEN to the modern age.
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    MEISSEN hospitality concept
    Deep in the Southern Harz, in the heart of Central Germany, amidst the beautiful idyll of nature, full of lush beech forests and extensive parkland, the unique Nature Resort & Spa Schindelbruch invites you to celebrate the art of indulgence. The wellness hotel offers an impressive building ensemble of historical and modern components with 96 lovingly designed rooms, suites and apartments, three restaurants and a 2,500 square meter wellness area.

    Throughout the resort, we have placed impressive porcelain figurines from Kaendler's Menagerie dating back to the early 18th century. But the pieces are not only impressive as large-scale sculptures: Ultra-modern wall installations made of pure white gold pick up on the essence of the masterful figurines by depicting them in abstracted form with just a few strokes. Thus turning the exclusive suites into a real highlight in terms of interior design. Another essential element of MEISSEN can be found in the gourmet restaurant: table and dinner services from the "MEISSEN® COSMOPOLITAN" and VITRUV collections are enhanced by exclusive decors and allow guests to experience a feast for the senses. Last but not least, enthusiasts can discover MEISSEN's diverse range of products in the world's first MEISSEN hotel store and secure their very own mementos of a fantastic stay.
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    Kaendler's Menagerie
    By placing the porcelain animal sculptures in the ultra-modern hotel complex and adapting the iconic works on fabulously beautiful wall installations, a bridge has been impressively built from tradition to modernity. The figurines used, from the wheel-beating peacock, to the noble heron and the macaw, to the monkey with a snuffbox, are an important piece of MEISSEN history, dating back to the early 18th century. Many of these figurines are originals that were originally created by Johann Joachim Kaendler, one of MEISSEN's most important porcelain modelers. Hired by Augustus the Strong himself as a court sculptor and modeler at the porcelain manufactory, Kaendler began early on to make the king's dream of a castle made of pure porcelain come true. Thus, starting in 1731, he created numerous animal sculptures for the „Japanisches Palais“ (English: Japanese Palace), which have now been reproduced for the cooperation with the Nature Resort & Spa Schindelbruch.
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„The red MEISSEN thread that runs through the wonderful Nature Resort & Spa Schindelbruch is a magnificent exhibition of arts and crafts. In a most impressive way, the Ritter von Kempski Collection has succeeded in taking up the cultural asset MEISSEN at its roots and transferring it into the modern age.“
Dr. Tillmann Blaschke