The perfect sphere: With elegantly staffed porcelain pearls, the "Pearl Collection" is reminiscent of cosmic planets orbiting on an orbit of high-quality 750 rose gold. The different luster colors give the pearls made of the finest Meissen porcelain a slightly iridescent surface design and a mystical aura in both the white version in our "Pearl Collection Pure White" and the purple version in the "Pearl Collection Lilac". Energetic, yet discreet, the pearls are, like the earth's moon, a constant companion and a symbol of femininity, grace and purity. Thus, jewelry pieces of the "Pearl Collection" take us into another universe and radiate elegance, self-confidence and something mysterious. The origin of the pearl goes back to an ancient Chinese fairy tale and since then numerous myths and legends have entwined around it, with pearls often being associated with tears. To this day, pearls are very rare and precious - a pearl made of white gold is therefore the perfect combination of this legendary object and the unique raw material porcelain. Highest craftsmanship and unsurpassed design make these novelties the perfect piece of jewelry and the must-have accessory for the festive Christmas season.
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„Energetic, yet discreet, the pearls are, like the earth's moon, a constant companion and a symbol of femininity, grace and purity.
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    Pearl Collection Pure White
    The porcelain pearls of the Pearl Collection are true masterpieces of Meissen craftsmanship and are probably among the most beautiful pieces of jewelry to be found, bringing with them an exceptionally natural radiance in the "Pure White" finish. More than 310 years of tradition uncompromisingly meet the incomparable grace and elegance of real pearls. The secret is the so-called luster color, one of the oldest color formulas of the manufactory, which reflects the light in a pearlescent manner and thus recreates the shimmering luster and the unique color depth of naturally occurring pearls.
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    Pearl Collection Lilac
    In our Pearl Collection Lilac, the cosmic grace of the pearl meets the unique mystical aura of the color purple. The freshwater pearls grown in lakes and rivers, which can appear in numerous colors, served as a model. We were most impressed by the delicate violet, so-called lavender pearls, which inspired us to create this new variant of the Pearl Collection. In an ode to the beauty of the universe, captured in gentle curves, our shimmering pearl jewelry in ravishing purple exudes luxury alongside an unparalleled profundity.
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