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Porcelain bowls

Decorative bowls for your home

Whether as a confectionery dish on your coffee table, as part of a festive table setting, or as a fruit bowl on your dining room table – porcelain bowls from MEISSEN offer a range of sizes and shapes for every occasion. The delicate confectionery dish from the “New Cutout” collection with the hand-painted cobalt blue “Onion Pattern” design is perfect for serving appetisers or snacks. "New Cutout” was inspired by a design by one of Meissen’s most famous masters, Johann Joachim Kaendler, from around 1745. With their detailed reliefs and vibrant, hand-painted designs, the showpiece dishes from the “New Splendour” collection embody the exceptional skill and talent of Meissen’s artisans and, moreover, are truly eye-catching. Meissen vide poches, elegant trays made of exquisite porcelain in various sizes, are the perfect place to keep jewellery, keys, cosmetics, or even your smartphone – a vide poche is a stylish storage solution for practically anything and everything.

The MEISSEN Vide-Poche Collection

Whether for chocolates on the living room table, part of a festively set table or as an elegant storage bowl on the sideboard at home, the Vide-Poches are small allrounders and an absolute 
eyecatcher in the room. From jewelry, keys, cosmetics or even the smartphone - everything finds its place on the diverse motifs of “The MEISSEN Vide-Poche Collection”, which convinces 
with elaborate hand painting or graphic staging. The colorful decors of this year’s collection make you want to decorate your home - become the artistic designer of your interior!