With the "VITRUV" service form, MEISSEN defines a completely new design language for table and dining: straightforward, clear and puristic. Since the beginning of the manufactory, Meissen artists have always freely quoted architectural trends and elements in unusual decors and shapes. "VITRUV", inspired by one of the main elements of architecture, the column, continues this tradition - an architectural production in porcelain, whose design and craftsmanship sophistication is reflected in accurate details. The oval shapes such as the pot, cup and sugar bowl are a special feature: They take on something weightless thanks to the hand-applied foot with a groove milled above it, defining an entirely new aesthetic in the manufactory's repertoire. "Graphic", a specially developed relief translates the formal language into a graphic pattern that appears in different variations. Similar to reflecting prisms, they lend the porcelain a schematic structure and exciting haptics. The Ming Dragon, one of the manufactory's most popular designs, was created around 1910 and was inspired by Asian models. A harmonious re-interpretation can now be found in the VITRUV service and the "Ming Dragon" decor in elegant black. Dynamically placed on appetizer and dessert plates in detailed hand painting, it lends the clear form a sublime character and underscores the timelessness of the design. Supporting the modularity of the service, its puristic design offers manifold possibilities for arranging. The porcelains with the Graphic pattern in white glaze or partially in cookie can be combined with each other and complemented with the Ming dragon décor to stage the VITRUV service form according to the respective room and occasion. The service consists of 24 pieces, except for the hand-painted Ming Dragon decor, all pieces are dishwasher safe.

“The clear design language, the modern graphic relief and the restaging of the Ming dragon - VITRUV combines tradition, the highest craftsmanship and contemporary design.”
  • Vitruv: Ming Dragon
    The Ming Dragon is painted en détail by hand, which demands extraordinary concentration and attention to detail from the specialized artisans of the manufactory. Reinterpreted in high-contrast black, the dragon is applied in dynamic poses to appetizer and dessert plates with detailed brush strokes. It lends the clear, linear shapes a grandeur that emphasizes the timelessness of the design and adds a masculine touch to the simple service designs.
“From the “Graphic” reliefs in shimmering white glaze or partial bisque to the “Ming Dragon” décor, VITRUV offers a wealth of possibilities for the table.“
  • Katagami
    Katagami, traditional Japanese prints that were once mainly used to pattern kimono fabrics, were the inspiration for the different variations of "Graphic" relief. Produced in virtuoso cutting work from handmade Japanese paper, Katagami offer an extraordinary wealth of motifs and artistic mastery, which can be seen in manifold examples from flora and fauna, but also abstract, geometric forms. With "Graphic", the artists of the MEISSEN Atelier transfer this traditional ornamentation to a new medium and continue their own tradition of pioneering individual surface designs.
  • Vitruv Pure
    VITRUV Pure
    With "VITRUV", MEISSEN defines a new design language for table and dining: straight-lined, clear and puristic as well as of extreme craftsmanship refinement. The design ambition of the "VITRUV Pur" service lies in its many accurate details. The intricately crafted oval shapes of the pitcher, pourer and sugar bowl are a particular highlight. They are given something weightless by the manually applied foot with groove. "VITRUV" combines the quality of a handmade service from Meissen porcelain, simple design and functionality.
    The "Fortune Dragon" pattern is a very special highlight that takes MEISSEN's roots and reinterprets them. Designer Zhuoyu Hou adapted the iconic Ming Dragon and transformed it into a real lucky charm. In addition, the luxurious platinum rim rounds off the overall picture superbly and takes the popular "VITRUV" service shape to a whole new level in terms of aesthetics and elegance. A fabulous overall composition for a distinctive table & dining culture.
  • Vitruv Pur
    VITRUV Platinum
    Purist and elegant at the same time - the "VITRUV PLATINUM" tableware collection combines all the characteristics that modern MEISSEN stands for. The radiance of "white gold" meets the incomparable clarity of the "VITRUV" design language and is given a wonderfully elegant detail with the fine, hand-painted platinum rim. Timeless aesthetics from masterful craftsmanship for your luxurious table & dining arrangement!
“In its understated elegance and straightforwardness, VITRUV represents contemporary luxury that can take place at any moment of the day.“