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  • Christ birth, white, H 17,5 cm
  • Riding camel lying, white, L 52 cm
  • Pack camel lying, white, T 49 cm
  • Bird Screech Owl, white, H 15,5 cm
  • Bird Heron, white, H 36 cm
  • Group of birds Flamingos, white, H 28 cm
  • Bird Wagtail, white
  • Bird, white, H 11 cm
  • Bird Crester lark, white
  • Bird Redtail, white
  • Bird Robin, white, H 17,5 cm
  • Bird Pelican, white
  • Falcon, white, H 75 cm
  • Bird, white, H 36 cm
  • Elephant, white, H 33 cm
  • Rhinoceros, white, H 28 cm
  • Giraffe, white, H 57 cm
  • Jellyfish, round had, white, H 34 cm
  • Qualle, white, H 36 cm
  • Monkey group Three monkeys, large, white, H 41 cm
  • Dog Bolognese terrier, seated, white
  • Horse Foal, white, H 11,5 cm
  • Dog Bulldog, white, H 16,5 cm
  • Donkey, white, H 7 cm
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Single porcelain figurines

All MEISSEN porcelain figurines share the same exacting standards in both craft and design. Attention to detail, expressiveness, accurate sculpting and vibrant colours form the basis of the international MEISSEN reputation. Quality and design expertise set the tone in modern interiors to this day. Be it with figurines made of Böttger stoneware or of Meissen porcelain – glazed or featuring unglazed biscuit porcelain - take centre stage. Opulence and exuberance are the hallmarks of the numerous original designs from the Baroque and Rococo periods. Contemporary collections feature minimalist and geometric designs and expressive artwork in vibrant colours. Festive occasions such as Christmas and Easter are given reverence by Meissen’s holiday figurines that serve as festive eye-catchers everywhere.