Price information
Price information
Upon request, we can determine the current retail price for Meissen porcelain available at our Meissen Stores. The age and condition of the piece will not be taken into account. The price information does not include a certificate of authenticity, expert’s certificate, or expert’s report regarding the authenticity or originality of the piece. Information for commercial purposes of any kind will not be provided. We generally send this information to you by mail. We will not provide information on the current value of the porcelain. All information is provided without guarantee.

Pricing for products in our standard range is free of charge. We cannot calculate a currently valid retail price at the Meissen Stores for products that are no longer in our standard range. To cover the resulting costs, we will charge you a handling fee of 5 percent of the determined value (minimum EUR 10, maximum EUR 500 plus VAT per product).

Please note that the photos you send us must be of a high enough quality for us to be able to make a statement regarding the porcelain. Please ensure that the pictures you submit depict the actual condition of the piece and that the images have not been modified in any way.

You can also submit a request by mail: Note: Submitted porcelain will be returned to the sender carriage forward after the request is processed. If the porcelain you submit is not in the MEISSEN standard range, you will be charged 5 percent of the determined value (minimum EUR 10, maximum EUR 500 plus VAT). Confirmation of cost coverage is required to proceed with the request. Disclaimer: MEISSEN provides all information without guarantee.
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    Exclusive Collection
    Only the most seasoned artisans are allowed to work on these pieces – historic reproductions of great Meissen master craftsmen based on original manufactory moulds.
  • 02
    Meissen Icons
    These pieces draw on the most important porcelain works of art by the great Meissen masters – the most formative influences from over 300 years of porcelain history.