The MEISSEN Collage

The Meissen porcelain manufactory is an embodiment of modern opulence and has – in its almost 310-year history – created truly masterful decors. “THE MEISSEN COLLAGE” draws on this rich archive and reinterprets some of its characteristic décor elements. The result is a series of virtuoso designs that merge together tradition and modernity, creating exciting contrasts that lend the unmistakable style of the manufactory and its iconic porcelain art a personal touch. The collection is conceived as an open invitation to discover one’s own creativity: be it by combining the various designs of “THE MEISSEN COLLAGE” collection amongst themselves or with pieces from other collections, such as the Onion Pattern, Swan Service and Waves – “THE MEISSEN COLLAGE” is as individual and as personal as your own home. The collection breaks away from the classic tableware idea and, with its carefully curated “Table Fashion” concept, transforms collectors into designers. “THE MEISSEN COLLAGE” showcases singular expressive pieces that inspire and stoke an appetite for more. Not only can pieces from the collection be combined amongst themselves, but they can also be paired with classic tableware services and white porcelain pieces from the manufactory. There are simply no limits to realizing your personal design ideas. “THE MEISSEN COLLAGE” lends an extraordinary flair to everyday moments, all the while satisfying the idiosyncratic needs of modern life. Each single piece from the collection can be stacked and put in both the dishwasher and the microwave.

  • Mystic garden
    Mystic Garden
    The vibrant “Mystic Garden” takes us on a journey through a fanciful plant and animal kingdom: its sensuous imagery drawing inspiration from the Asian décors found in the private collection of the manufactory’s founder, Augustus the Strong. Historical designs that continue to stoke their viewers’ excitement to this day. The modern pattern was heavily influenced in particular by the vibrancy and originality of the original designs’ colours and shapes, which in turn offered artistic templates. Artful mythical creatures and whimsical animal drawings are an integral part of Meissen’s trove of patterns: It’s all about pushing artistic boundaries. Elaborately designed motifs merge with a surreal fantasy world. Bold flowers and leaves are juxtaposed with stylised feathers that combine modern opulence with contemporary elegance.
  • Love birds
    Love Birds
    The colourful crane takes centre stage in this innovatively designed arrangement, the bird’s grace being underscored by the filigree colour gradients. Across the world, cranes have been attributed with mystical properties and symbolic meaning, known above all as harbingers of good fortune. Originating in “old Indian flower and crane painting”, which offered the template for this composition, the crane motif has been reinterpreted with a fascinating geometrical pattern. Originality and artistic boldness lend the pattern its exceptional flair.
  • Bloomy Feathers
    Bloomy Feathers
    The iconic Onion Pattern gained its worldwide renown on Meissen porcelain. During the 18th century, the pattern was referred to as “Bleu Ordinaire” – ordinary blue. In “Bloomy Feathers”, its distinctive elements are combined with red hues and a delicate blue. The dainty chrysanthemum – a symbol of abstinence and modesty – is the focal point of the ensemble. Quoting from the original pattern, the delicate petals of the lotus have also made their way into this reinterpretation. With its contrasting colour combination, the reissue breathes lightness into the seasoned design, allowing the unique character of the Onion Pattern to shine anew.
  • Noble Chinese
    Noble Chinese
    The chinoiserie created by Johann Gregorius Höroldt during the Baroque era are true masterworks of porcelain art that draw heavily from his distinctly European view of the Middle Kingdom. This imaginative interpretation is characterized by its attention to detail, creating modern contrasts by pairing traditional silhouettes with geometrical patterns. To this combination are added excerpts from the manufactory’s arguably most famous motif – the Onion Pattern. A reissue that brings together a host of world-renowned favourites from Meissen’s trove of patterns and allows each of them to shine in this utterly unconventional arrangement.
  • Wandteller
    Presentation plates
    “The MEISSEN Collage” comprises specially designed “service plates”. Measuring 33cm in diameter, the larger pieces are perfect for platters at your finest dinner parties but needn’t necessarily be restricted to the table. There’s nothing stopping you from turning the opulent design into a showpiece, ideal for fruit or accessories as a home deco highlight. Or even hanging it on the wall as a real eye-catcher. “The MEISSEN Collage” is as much about collecting and combining as it is creating – creating design details that instantly upgrade any interior. The plates are available per each of the four main décors, as well as for four specially conceived designs: “Balloon Hearts”, “Rainbow Birds”, “Blue Splash” and “Palace Birds” take elements from Meissen’s rich archive and offer them a new mise en scène of sorts, further pulling on the red thread that is the manufactory’s essence of modern opulence.
  • 01
    Onion Pattern
    In 1739, inspired by blue Chinese porcelain painting, MEISSEN created its iconic "Onion Pattern", hand painted to this day in the manufactory's own cobalt blue.
  • 02
    Swan Service
    The 1738 "Swan Service" is a masterpiece of Baroque-era Meissen porcelain, bringing an abundance of elaborately worked reliefs to the table.