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Porcelain Jugs

Meissen’s porcelain jugs are exquisite design objects which – made with traditional techniques and decorated by hand – offer distinguished accents on any breakfast, coffee or dinner table. The breadth of designs ranges from sleek and timeless, purist white examples such as the jugs from the "N°41" collection to magnificently decorated porcelain jugs from the "B-Form" series. Meissen’s tableware collections offer jugs in various shapes and sizes – pear-shaped coffee pots and bulbous round teapots – to keep their contents at the right temperature, thanks to the high-quality porcelain. Porcelain milk jugs from the "Waves" collection also lend a special dynamic to the breakfast table. As early as 1710, the year the porcelain manufactory was founded, MEISSEN developed the first vessels for brewing, serving and drinking. Coffee, tea and hot chocolate were absolute luxury goods in Europe at that time and were drunk from fine porcelain. After the founding of the manufactory, the huge demand for porcelain could then, for the first time, be met from European production.