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  • Box, Strewn forget-me-nots, white rim, H 7 cm
  • Box, Übersetzen, 9 cm
  • vessel, Flower refief in purple, gold decoration, H 16,5 cm
  • Box Apple, Coloured, without gold, H 7 cm
  • Box Pineapple, platinum Dot, H 15 cm
  • Box Apple, platinum Dot, H 7 cm
  • Box Pear, platinum Dot, L 10 cm
  • Box Lemon, platinum Dot, L 7,5 cm
  • New
    Box, "Twist", white, Ø 9 cm
  • New
    Box, "Twist", white, Ø 16,5 cm
  • Box Walnut, Coloured, without gold, L 6,5 cm
  • Box Pineapple, glossy gold, H 15 cm
  • Box Walnut, platinum Dot, L 6,5 cm
  • Bird as box Quail, Meissen Atelier, Golden Dots, lim. ed., H 10,5 cm
  • Box Apple, golden Dot, H 7 cm
  • Box Pear, golden Dot, L 10 cm
  • Box Walnut, golden Dot, L 6,5 cm
  • Box Lemon, golden Dot, L 7,5 cm
  • New
    Box, "Twist", white, Ø 11 cm
  • New
    Box, "Twist", white, Ø 10 cm
  • Box Lemon, Coloured, without gold, L 7,5 cm
  • Box, "Landscape", white, Ø 11,5 cm
  • Box, Übersetzen, H 7 cm
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Porcelain boxes

Every porcelain box from MEISSEN is a tiny work of art. They offer not only the perfect place to store special treasures, but are also ideal for serving candies or cookies, or as a tasteful, purely decorative element. The first Meissen porcelain boxes were created in 1714, shortly after the invention of white porcelain, and were combined with precious metals and jewels at that time. Today, the MEISSEN Home Deco collections feature contemporary interpretations of these classic designs, such as the fruit boxes from the “Orangery” series, the opulent boxes from the “New Splendour” series, and other modern recreations. In keeping with the manufactory’s 300 years of tradition, all of the boxes are created and painted by hand         and can be used in a variety of ways to stylishly and individually decorate different rooms in the home.