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Decorative porcelain plates

A former symbol of affluence that evolved over time into an expression of kitsch, decorative plates are once again finding their way into contemporary interiors. Decorative plate series from MEISSEN such as “Faces” and “Flying Jewels” exemplify this modern sense of luxury. The “Faces” series features partial cutouts of faces with varying expressions. The designs are based on a design by on of Meissen’s creative directors, Otto Drögsler, and are all hand painted. Each plate is decorated with Otto Drögsler’s signature and comes with a statement from the artist. The plates from the “Flying Jewels” series feature a colourful naturalistic image of a bird perched on a branch that is printed in black, reminiscent of a silhouette, which stands in stark contrast to the vibrant bird and the gleaming white background of the plate. All of the designs work individually, as a bold statement piece or an eye-catcher between paintings and photos, or grouped together as a fascinating art installation.