MEISSEN X Michael Moebius Marilyn Monroe I Bubblegumm Bust

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Art.-No.: 63C066-U6510-1


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The unique bust of Marilyn Monroe was made by hand in the MEISSN manufactory over a period of 15 months using traditional methods and features a bubblegum bubble, handmade and mouth-blown by the renowned Moser Glas Manufaktur from Karlsbad. The work of art was brought to life by the talented MEISSEN sculptor Maximilian Hagstotz. For him, the special charm in the design of his sculptures lies in what is hidden, whether a hidden element or an initially unconventional-looking design of the artwork. The full beauty and deeper meaning of the sculpture only becomes apparent to the viewer, who places their gaze on the figure and explores it in all its splendor. The bust has been in the works since February 2023 and it took over a year to produce a sculpture from clay model to porcelain figure. Made with exclusive craftsmanship, each bust is unique.

The collaboration between Michael Moebius and the MEISSEN porcelain manufactory represents an extraordinary fusion of artistic creations and creates sculptures in modern art.

Michael Moebius' Bubblegum series featuring icons such as Marilyn Monroe and Audrey Hepburn skillfully mixes realism with a playful touch. What makes these works so special is that, like the Mona Lisa or the statue of David, they have become the most reproduced images in the world and the series has set a significant milestone in the field of copyright law. Moebius' work led to a groundbreaking precedent-setting ruling that set a new standard for how art is protected and respected in the face of widespread counterfeiting. He is the first artist in the world to win over 100 million US dollars in a monumental lawsuit against hundreds of foreign companies that infringed his copyright. This success underlines the wide appeal of the series, but also Moebius' role in shaping the conversation about copyright and creativity in art worldwide.
product details
Art.-No.: 63C066-U6510-1
Designer / Artist: Michael Moebius
Year of Creation: 2024
Materials: Porcelain
Height: 45 cm
Width: 32 cm
Depth: 29 cm
Weight: 13600 g