• Floral Trophy, Lim. 20, H 42 cm
    Limited MasterworksFloral Trophy


  • Goblet "Battle Painting after Wouverman", H 18 cm
    Exclusive CollectionTrophy Battle Painting


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The Fine Art goblets from the MEISSEN porcelain manufactory are not only popular collector's items, but also true masterpieces. These works of art embody the tradition and excellence for which Meissen has been renowned for centuries. Each individual goblet is unique, carefully crafted by hand and decorated with ornate motifs that reflect the brand's rich history and cultural significance.

The shapes of the goblets vary from classically elegant to modern and avant-garde, with each design impressing with its timeless beauty. Fine decorations, such as filigree reliefs, delicate paintings or artistic engravings, lend the goblets an incomparable aesthetic and make them coveted collector's items for lovers of exquisite objets d'art.

However, the true magic of Meissen fine art goblets lies not only in their external beauty, but also in their symbolism and meaning. As symbols of luxury and elegance, they are reminiscent of times gone by when royal courts and aristocratic salons were adorned with the finest porcelain. Today, they stand for a touch of sophistication and prestige that lends a special aura to any room in which they are presented.

The production of a Meissen fine art goblet is an intricate process that requires the skill of experienced craftsmen. From the design to the glaze, every step is carried out with the utmost care to ensure that the quality and beauty of the final product meets the high standards associated with the Meissen name.

For collectors and lovers of fine art, Meissen fine art goblets are not only objects of admiration, but also investments in timeless beauty and craftsmanship. They embody the incomparable expertise and tradition of one of the world's most prestigious porcelain manufactories and are a true treasure for those who appreciate something special.