• Summer Dating
    A Date with MEISSEN
    Every great love story probably starts with a first date - whether it's a romantic picnic, a cup of tea or coffee, lunch or dinner. Do you still remember your first date? With Meissen, you will experience your first date over and over again - whether you are single, freshly in love, in a long-term partnership, married or in a very complicated constellation. Above all, it is also the people who are especially dear to us, with whom we spend time and go on endless dates. Yes? No? Maybe? With MEISSEN, love will last forever.
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  • Summer Dating
    Are you looking for the perfect match for your date? Then surprise with your partner in crime - Meissen. The Vitruv dating sets are the perfect choice for an extensive breakfast, a wonderful lunch or an elegant dinner that will leave you convinced. With our various VITRUV dating sets, you will always experience new opportunities to give the love of your life or people you have taken firmly to your heart an unforgettable moment of pleasure.
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  • Summer Dating
    MEISSEN® Cosmopolitan
    With MEISSEN® Cosmopolitan, you always come up with something unique for every date and convince with creativity and charm. The way to the heart is through the stomach and with our MEISSEN® Cosmopolitan dating sets you will experience the perfect table and dining atmosphere for lunch or dinner. The brilliant white porcelains will convince your new date just as much as your long-term love.
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As the way to a heart is through the stomach, you can experience the perfect dining atmosphere with our dating sets: whether it's a first date or a date for life.