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The rich variety of designs and colours that decorate Meissen porcelain is unsurpassed anywhere in the world. From Baroque animal figures and Rococo scenes, Biedermeier floral motifs and dynamic Art Nouveau porcelain pieces to the sleek table services of the present day – each and every era has seen MEISEN bring forth iconic works of art that have set the tone for manufactory porcelain around the world. Drawing on this tradition, every Meissen gift card is much more than a simple voucher. It is an invitation to discover the rich history and the living artisanal tradition of Europe’s oldest porcelain manufactory: be it as the first piece of your signature dinner service, a piece of jewellery or an extraordinary porcelain accessory. Each gift card comes in a specially made, exquisite gift box and can be redeemed via our customer service and in all Meissen Stores.